About Idaho Fitness Festival for Exhibitors

About Idaho Fitness Festival for Exhibitors

MAY 4th, 2024 SATURDAY 10AM-4PM

Location: Expo Idaho  |  5610 Glenwood, Boise, ID 83714

The Idaho Health + Fitness Expo - Presenting the perfect fusion of health, wellness, fitness and fun!

This expo will host over 100 exhibitors promoting their brands that demonstrate the latest in sports and fitness clubs, nutrition, supplements, physical therapy, rehabilitation resources, sports equipment, apparel and so much more.

JOIN us in 2024 in igniting the passion to live a healthier lifestyle individually and as a community! The Idaho Health + Fitness Expo is proud to offer free admission and provide all attendees the chance to learn from local experts, attend health-focused workshops and check out firsthand new fitness trends throughout the expo.

Be an exhibitor at the Idaho Health + Fitness Expo and share your knowledge, showcase new and existing products/services and INSPIRE out community to get out, get fit and get active!

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