Taking the Mystery Out of Growing Dahlias

Southwest Idaho Dahlia Society

About Taking the Mystery Out of Growing Dahlias

Sat, 03/23/2024 -
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Our group is diverse in the fact that we have generational growers as well as first timers - Our presentation would be built around all facets of dahlia growers: The Newbies who are just getting introduced and want to learn more about soils and best practices. The Intermediates who have a few growing seasons under their belts and may want to explore the aspects of showing dahlias for prizes or perhaps selling to florists; The Advanced growers who are ready to take dahlia cuttings, do plant divisions for propagation purposes or even perhaps the folks that want to learn about the hybridization process to create your own dahlia cultivator. We realize too, that there is a whole spectrum of folks that love the flower but want to treat it as an annual and not go through the pains and labors of fall bulb digging and winter storage. We do have several members in our group that also subscribe to this dahlia affair and we want to embrace outlook and want to explore and educate folks on the best practices for all particiapants involved. If selected, our society will build live demonstration platforms for cuttings, vivisions and demonstrations. We have enought tech savvy folks in our group, that videos are also

About Southwest Idaho Dahlia Society

Since this would be a Society presentation, a bio of our group: Southwest Idaho Dahlia Society was reformed in 2021 by a handful of local dahlia growers and within the first year, grew our member status up to 45 people ranging from Mountain Home, Idaho to Australia via the wonders of virtual ZOOM meetings. 2023 is a much-anticipated year for our group given that we've had a lot of firsts: We participated in the BFGS for the first time and this September, will host our first judged dahlia flower show with American Dahlia Society accredited judges.