Buzz Word Prioritization (Technology Strategy)

Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson

About Buzz Word Prioritization (Technology Strategy)

Thu, 04/21/2022 -
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Seminar Room 110C

Given all the amazing technology on display, how do you know where to start? What steps can you take to identify and prioritize the right project to help your business? The goal for this presentation is to provide an overview of how to systematically approach implementing the right technology for your business.

About Jeff Johnson

Jeff is a Consulting Manager focused within the High Tech space at Accenture. After starting his career in the US Army, he has worked in various roles and functions primarily focused on digital business transformation, program/change management, market research and product marketing. He enjoys projects that involve applied intelligence, advanced analytics solutions, and/or intensive research. Jeff holds a B.S. in History from the United States Military Academy, an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is extremely interested in research and teaching, and as a result, is currently pursuing a doctoral program in business (DBA) at the University of Florida. He previously taught at Boise State University (courses in Statistics and Project Management).