Water Wise Gardening

Ann Bates
Ann Bates
Executive Director
Idaho Nursery & Landscape Association

About Water Wise Gardening

Sun, 03/27/2022 -
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Room 110AB

WATERWISE Gardening is where you can have a colorful and beautiful landscape while conserving water and saving time, energy and money. Learn innovative conservation techniques for water-wise gardening that cuts down on water wastage, while preserving the beauty of a garden and the natural plant diversity of an area.

About Ann Bates

Ann was the owner of a garden center/landscape firm/florist for 19 years. She is currently the Executive Director for the Idaho Nursery & Landscape Association. Ann loves to share her knowledge about horticulture with others. She does onsight consultations so that people can learn - in their own yards - how to make just the right outdoor living area for them.